Pixel Graphics and Game Concepts

Crucial Pain

Sprites for a small game developed by Out of Scope.
It's about a puck, so I figured skulls and seafood would be an appropriate theme for the graphics.

title screen
Title screen
in-game sprites


Spritesheets and presentation assets for Needsim, an AI plugin for Unity.



Menu screens, characters and animations for A.D.A.P.T.I.O.N., a Ludum Dare Game Jam entry in collaboration with Martin Petersen, Tilman Geishauser and Mauricio Castaño

start screen
win screen game over screen
Screen backgrounds
1st stage 2nd stage 3rd stage 4th stage 5th stage 6th stage
Evolution of the playable character
a monkey. another monkey. a flying monkey. yet another monkey. a momsel in distress. big monkey!


PK startscreen

A tower defense game designed and programmed by Tilman Geishauser.

Some towers:

PK tower PK tower PK tower
PK tower PK tower PK tower PK tower
PK tower PK tower PK tower PK tower
PK tower PK tower PK tower PK tower

Some creeps:

PK tower PK tower PK creep PK creep PK creep
PK tower PK tower PK creep PK creep PK creep

Drawn Faster Than Your Shadowdftys

You are the only living creature drawn faster than its shadow. Use this to have it trapped in the shadow of a trap or killed by the shadow of an enemy.

screenshot of 'drawn faster than your shadow' screenshots of 'drawn faster than your shadow'

Contaminationcontamination station

Stop spreading of THE SICKNESS by eliminating the people infected.
Killing the healthy will affect your score, especially in more civilized areas. Since movements and utterings of those carrying THE SICKNESS can be easily mistaken for those of the unafflicted, carefulness is advised. On the other hand, one should shoot before being coughed onto or timed out.

people having a serious conversation about restrooms
Silly intros!
people not having any restroomsgarden plot
Deceased tropical birds! Vicious garden plots!
people having difficulties in restroomsperson causing difficulties in restrooms
Poo! Unprecedented story twists! The Love Bird is actually a Nazi!